What you can expect

You don’t have to invest in a crazy and expensive collection of wine to enjoy the benefits of a bespoke wine service.

Therefore, if you find yourself baffled when faced with shelves and aisles of different wines, we are here to help. Likewise if you have a selection of wines and don’t know what to drink and when.

Our bespoke plans are tailored to meet your exact requirements. The services can include monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual reviews. Contact us here for further information.

Mini Cellar
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Do you have a wine fridge or wine rack that sits empty, except for the odd bottle of fizz and some wine that was a gift? If so, this would be the perfect option for you.

Our bespoke Mini Cellar service includes a consultation to discuss all your requirements and preferences. In other words, we will meet your wine needs, factoring in dinner parties and other celebrations, as well seasonal changes. We will then provide a proposal of wines, all to fit your taste and budget.

Furthermore, we source and negotiate on your behalf. We provide drinking guidelines, food recommendations and background information on growers and grape varieties.

Cellar Consultation
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Do you dream of having a collection of wine? Would you like to know exactly what to drink and when, or what to keep and why? Do you crave the reassurance of knowing that all your wines are bottles you will enjoy drinking?

If this is the case, we can help you build the cellar of your dreams from scratch. In addition, we can assess and add to existing wine cellars, guiding you through wine selection. We negotiate and source wines on your behalf, while ensuring that you have current information on all your bottles. Above all, our advice is independent and not driven by stock we wish to sell, or bin ends we want to clear out.

Cellar Audit
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Do you have a collection of wine either in your cellar or held in bond that has been growing steadily over the years? If you would like impartial, expert advice on what to drink or what to sell, this bespoke wine service is perfect. Equally, if your tastes have changed, we can advise on how to best to tweak your cellar.

This bespoke package offers a complete audit of your existing cellar. Primarily, we offer independent advice, not a sales pitch. We review recommended drinking dates. In addition, we provide an overview of vintages and cellar value (based on current market prices). We can advise on collection gaps (if requested) and selling options (if required).

Corporate Consultancy
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We are able to offer a number of bespoke wine services, tailored specifically for the corporate environments. From company branded wines, to sourcing bottles for corporate events. Please contact us here for further information.

*All cellar consultancy contracts to be agreed prior to projects commencing, with a deposit taken in advance.

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