Women and sport, women and football. Up until this year’s World Cup, I haven’t been a follower of women’s football. However, watching the team progress from the group stages to the semi-finals, I have to admit that I have been inspired.

We hope more girls are encouraged to take up football

I have enjoyed their journey, along with millions of others. Indeed, not only was I sad that England didn’t make it to the final, but that the World cup was also over. However, a positive takeaway is that I am one of many new fans the Lionesses can count on in the future. I am also optimistic that this fan base will encourage young girls to take up football. In fact, I hope it spurs them on to embrace sport in general. 

Did you watch the Lionesses?

I was swept up in the spirit and professionalism in the women’s team. Yet, I was also a little disappointed by responses when I asked people if they were watching a match. Regularly, I was met with coy replies. How did we get to a place where watching Love Island is acceptable, while watching Women’s football is a little bit embarrassing? The level of investment in the women’s game is so far behind the men’s version, that this really is no surprise. That said, I am hopeful that this female side have brought new interest and engagement to work towards a narrowing divide. With Wimbledon filling my viewing gap, I am now looking forward to the Women’s Netball World Cup. In terms of sport, this summer is turning out to be a good one. 

Women in Wine

The talented Eva Fricke from Germany

All this talk of women and football makes me think about women in the world of wine. At G&N we like to show our support for female winemakers. Some of our highlights include the talented Eva Fricke from Germany and Arianna Occhipinti in Sicily. We also love Andrea Mullineux and Jeanine Craven in South Africa. And not to forget the brilliant Cathy Corison in Napa. These are just a handful of the brilliant women making wine. We hope to introduce you to more.

Fiona x

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